CD Photo Book

Aren't these just the coolest. I love the way the way they turned out. I made the little boy album first because again my sis is having a boy and I thought it would be a cool little gift. BUT, when I was done I couldn't resist making a little girl one too. After having two little girls of my own I got pretty good at girly. I do have my son too, but I still have yet to perfect boy stuff. It isn't as easy for me or as fun. Girls are always more pink, more fluff, more glitter and all those things don't seem to work in boy books. :) I have seen a lot of really cute embellished boy things but mine either seem to plain or just not boy enough. I do like the way this turned out though. They were super fast to make. I used my crop-a-dile to punch the hole in each CD. I don't know what I would do without it. I was unsure when I went to punch it if it would crack the CD or send shards flying through the air but it went through like butter. I used my Creative Memories cutting system to cut 4 inch circles to adhere. When I began the first album I though I would follow the circle pattern for the photo mats too but wasn't real happy with it. The decorative paper I choose all had circles on it and I started the first album by making cirlce photo mats too. However, once I finished I decided it was too many circles and made the rest of my mats 3x3 squares. I liked this better, but either would work. I used three CD's for each album and attached them together with a jump ring. The first "page" only has a jumbo eyelet from Stampin Up just to make it look more finished. I did have to make the hole in the CD a little bit bigger though. I just took little bites around the sides with my Crop-a-dile until it was big enough to get the eyelet through. A little ribbon and some tags and voila. Cute little gift albums in about 30 minutes!!! I do have these listed in Etsy and MY OWN STORE if you are interested. I'm planning on making more so if you are interested check back!!!


Allison said...

I love the baby boy one. Too cute!

sheila said...

I don't know how I missed these. They are terrific. What a great way to get rid of some old CD's that I've been holding onto.