A Cheat Card

Sorry I never posted a creation yesterday. My parents are coming up for the weekend and well...my house needed some work. Why I waste my time with three kids is sometimes beyond me. This morning it needs a whole once over again! The kids were all quietly coloring while I cleaned and this morning I noticed the coloring didn't stay on the paper. My living room wall got a little too!! Good thing I still haven't painted :)

The card I have for you today is a total cheat. NO STAMPING!! I told you I don't do wedding cards very well. Plus, I don't have any true wedding stamps, I have to make do with what I have. I made this card a while back for a friend and thought I would show you today since a wedding is where I will be tonight!!!
It's suppose to be a wedding cake (my hubby didn't get it)!! He didn't understand why I put the wire in between. I'm not sure who makes these stickers but I will try to take a peek later and add it to this post. The card base is Stampin Up Pretty in Pink. I backed each of the stickers with a grayish cardstock I had on hand. I just tried to pick stickers that varied in size to make the "tiers" of the cake. I used some retired SU wire to make the pillars to hold up the cake. I posted a similiarish :) card a while back and used the wire to make a cake stand. You can see it {HERE}. Maybe that's what this card needed too!! I attached the flowers on top with my SNAIL adhesive and then added little beads to the center of each one. Guess where the beads came from???? A lamp shade. I had a beaded shade in my living room that over time the kids kept pulling off. Man it's hard to believe this place is still standing?!?!?!?! Anyway, instead of buying a new shade I just cut all the beads off and well since crafters never through anything away I added them to my craft collection. They were just what these flowers needed.

I'm hoping to get some pictures of my latest scrapbooking endeavors taken before my parents get here...cross your fingers. Have a great....LONG....weekend!!!!


Susan (rainy) said...

Well I think your wedding cake is adorable! Have a great weekend and visit with your parents!

Wedding Postage said...

I recognized that it was sa wedding cake design right away! I like how you used the different fonts so the writing on each line stood out. It is a very clever design.

Courtney Fowler said...

Oh this is so cute. Men just don't get a lot of things, huh.


Mandy said...

You know, I think wedding cards are tough for me, too! I love your card, though. I love the way this looks like a wedding cake. :)