FINALLY!! I thought I would show you what has been taking up all my time this week. I told you we were working on our bathroom. This is the before:

This is the after:In case you couldn't tell green happens to be my favorite color. This color is really similar to Stampin Up's Old Olive. I knew I loved that color!!! I keep a notebook of magazine pages that inspire me just like I do for my cards and scrapbook layouts. My sister is always laughing at me for it but why flip through a whole magazine to try and find inspiration when only a few pages actually do. I know when I sit down with my notebooks I'm gonna love it all.

This is the picture of inspiration for my bathroom:

I was trying to find vintage ceiling tiles like the ones in the picture but they were way to expensive so we went with the wood paneling and I distressed it for an aged look. My husband thinks the green color is a little bold, which it is, but I think the white really tones it down. I rewarded myself with a soak in the tub when we were down and it was so nice to sit and admire my hardwork, not to mention soak my aching bones!!!
See how hard I'm working :)
I'll be back tomorrow with some more projects. Tonight I'm cleaning my craft room so I should be ready to create again soon. Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the lack of posts this week! Thanks for sticking by me anyway!!


Bethany Paull said...

It's gorgeous! That has got to be the most perfect shade of green.

Tanya said...

Saw your link on Erika's blog. I'm about to repaint our bathroom too! I'm going with a super soft/pale blue, even lighter than Soft Sky. I am so excited! But I wanted to see what you did with your bathroom too! It looks great! TFS!