My Craft Room!!

It's done!! All painted and clean! I'm dying to get creative in there. The color is so peaceful it is most definately my favorite place to be. I forgot to take before pics but just imagine all white everywhere and you got it.

*You can click on each picture to view it full size*

I also love this room because I get to display my other OBSESSION in life. DOPEY!! From Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. I have loved him since I was a kid and until we moved here all my collectibles were tucked in a closet.

I even was lucky enough to get a little "dopey" of my own!!
(This is my son Miller last halloween)

Thanks for looking! I'll be back tomorrow with some new creations!!


JenMarie said...

Beautiful and fabulous space!

patty w said...


Lucky duck! My craftspace is still a work in progress!

Enjoy and go forth and create!

9kids said...

Wow, what a gorgeous the color ~ it is so soothing, great for creativity.