You Gotta See This!!

You have to go to Paper Askew Studio and watch Pamela's Friday Card Flick!! I mentioned to her that my girls love to watch her videos and this week she gave us all a shot out!! The girls were thrilled and the card is super cute. Macy want to know when I'll make one just like it!!!
Thanks Pamela!!!!


Maria MacVane said...

I recently have signed up to receive your newsletters. I am a stamper and like your cards.
Looking at your photo (and your first name) is making me wonder about where you are from. Your face is familiar. You look soooo much like someone back in Spain, the country I actually am from!
Isn't it kind of funny?
Would you confirm IF in fact you are originally from another country? I am just very curious.
I hope you don't mind.
Maria MacVane

Pamela Smerker said...

Ha ha...yeah Maria, when you gonna make a card like mine? Too funny!
Thanks so much for putting the link up to my place.
Big hugs!