Verve Day 3

Do you usually buy a poinsettia for christmas?? Not me, I just don't care them, aside from the fact that they are poisonous if my children eat them, they are just not a flower I enjoy. I'm just not a traditional christmas girl. I don't decorate with Santa and other classic items. I love snowmen and whimsy and vintage!!! Needless to say this made me a little worried when I got the new Poinsettia Christmas set for the Verve release. How was I going to be able to pull this off??? After two failed attempts at a beautiful, classic, christmas card I felt beaten. Then I decided, poinsettias can be fun and whimsy, so I went with it!!! I absolutely love the way this turned out. Once I pushed aside all my "traditional" thoughts about this flower this came so easy. And any of you regular readers know that angles and I have issues so this was a shock even to me. I stamped the poinsettia three times on Real Red and cut them out. I attached a button in the center of each flower by sewing it on. The idea for the ribbon came because I couldn't decide which color looked I went with both. I threaded them through the jumbo eyelets and attached a ribbon.
So have you checked out the Verve Project Parade going on over at the Verve blog??? I hear Monday's project is going to be really cute!!! No idea who started that rumor but please feel free to continue it..hehehe!!!


Tammy Hershberger said...

Fabulous design, Maria! I love the ribbons through the big brads, and the angle! With the ribbons where they are, your card almost looks like it's a package tied up! And the poinsettias are super-cute! You nailed it!

Libby Hickson said...

Love how this turned out, Maria! Especially the ribbon going through the brads in the sentiment block - very cool!

Susan (rainy) said...

Maria, I LOVE this! Fabulous job taking a traditional flower and making it a fun up-to-date creation. Awesome layout, too!

Jackie Pedro said...

What a terrific card, Maria! The layout is fantastic and I just love how you used the polka dots with the traditional poinsettias!!

Courtney said...

Oh, girl. Let me tell you, being indecisive really works for you! LOL!

Oh, and your little comment on Corbin ratting me out at the resturant? Yea. That one.

Let's just say coffee shouldn't go thru the nose.


Anne Marie Peterson said...

Hi Maria! I love the poinsettias with the buttons! And the large eyelets mimic the buttons, so it all pulls together beautifully!! Your colors are great and the polka dots are just the right touch!
Anne Marie