Seven Years!!

Today is my 7 year wedding anniversary!!! hubby is out of town for the next week and a half so boooooooooooo.
Sorry this post is late and super sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. I really had my hands full but I think I might finally have come up with a balance that is going to let me craft again. I was watching two babies under 5 months and going to school! I had to drop one baby because all he did was cry....all day....drove me nuts. And my last class was a major time sucker and it's FINALLY over.
Now I only have one baby (and she is sweet as pie) so I'm hoping to be able to find time to get back into my craft room. You don't realize just how much sanity it gives you until it's gone. Wish me luck in getting to some more posts this week!
Thanks for stopping by!


Sparkle said...

Such a darling card!

Wendy said...

Hey, I love this one! I have that dp, I must use it soon as everytime I see a card with it, I love it more! Great job girl!