For A Little Monster

Just popping in with a quick card today....I was up most of the night with not one, but TWO sick kiddos :( I swear, we can't seem to kick whatever this bug is that seems to love our house right now. I took them to the doctor today and one has an ear infection and the other has bronchitis....hopefully the antibiotics take effect quickly so they are okay by Easter.
Luckily I made this {Paper Makeup Stamps} card last week because I have a feeling my lack of craft time isn't changing anytime soon!! I colored {Baby Horatio} with colored the way he is on sale right now ;) He looks so peaceful floating among the clouds...I could use a nap like that right now!


Katie Cotton said...

awwwwwwww, i literally said that when i saw your card. absolutely adorable!

Danni said...

Hope your little ones are feeling better asap!! Such an adorable card!

Jenny said...

Very cute!! I love the red!! Sorry to hear the kiddos are sick, hopefully they will be running around again soon!! can get back to crafting =)