Tuesday, February 15th

I'm back today with a {Paper Makeup Stamps} card....and sadly...it's my last one as a design team member :( I stepped down from the design team because...well...things have just gotten CRAZY busy. Between my school work, the kids, teaching classes locally and trying to keep up with everything else...I had to make room.
I'm SO HONORED to have had to chance to work with {Katie} and all the other Makeup Artists.
THANK YOU KATIE...from the bottom of my heart!! Love ya :)
This definately isn't the last {PMS} card from me....I LOVE those cute monsters too much!!
But back to this card...I used the stamps {Swirlie Buds} and the sentiment {If I Had a Flower}.
I stamped the swirls with green and blue ink and I love the layered look. I ended up covering them up more than I intended to get the sentiment on but they are too cute!
Thanks again Katie for letting me be apart of your team... :)


Katie Cotton said...

love this card! You WILL be missed!!!

Andie said...

oh I love both of those stamps! The sentiment AND the swirls! Very nice :) (Actually I love a lot of the cards you make but am too lazy to log in and tell you :P )

Danni said...

Beautiful card!! Sad to see you leave the PMS team!

Michelle VP said...

What a pretty card, Maria! I've always admired how well you mix and match patterns & colors on your cards and this is no exception. :) Best wishes!