Friday, April 29th

Nothing NEW to share with you today.
Just mostly rambling :)
I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted.  I didn't intend for that to happen did!  I've been incredibly busy lately and felt at times like life was trying to swallow me whole.  While things have settled down I'm now dealing with the aftermath of the chaos.
Kitchen...DONE...I'll get to pics on my own blog eventually :)
BUT in the middle of the redo...
Macy's bedroom in the basement flooded
Miller got sick...thought it was chicken pox...turned out to be hives
He was put on a nebulizer and gladly shared his germs with me
Hosted Easter :)
Macy had a birthday yesterday...turned 9...and spent the day with the flu back went out in the middle of the kitchen floor process...hubby did it alone...and he wasn't happy about it
Final paper week for school (should be writing that NOW instead of this)
You get the idea....OVERLOAD!
I know the back issues and getting sick are my bodies way of MAKING me slow down because I'm stubborn like that but it just makes me more stressed to be accomplishing NOTHING.
I still try to be grateful and realize that things could be worse.
Like the friend of mine who lost her Grandmother unexpectedly this week
those dealing with the tornadoes
I'll get through it all...always do...just every know and then we have to take a break and regroup.
SO...I'll be back Sunday with a NEW Unity card
and Monday with a Mojo card
and my kitchen story will be here sometime
oh and Rubbernecker NEW releases too
BUT for now here are a few peeks of the NEW Unity KOTM for May
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Eva said...

Girlie, so much going on for you! BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!!! And yes, our bodies can give us the best messages, so listen to them! Everything will be still there tomorrow, whether you do it today now, so if your body is asking for a break, TAKE IT! Hugs to you and hope you have a beautiful weekend! :)