Thursday, January 26th

Told you I'd be back sooner this time ;)
It's HIP HOP day with {Unity}!!
I made another birthday card using the {January Kit of the Month}.
Only a few more days to get this kit at a LOW price before February comes out...and's a cute one too.
As much as I LOVE the KOTM I also have a HUGE crush on the SMAK kits.
AWESOME right?!?!

and here's my lil' card for this week.
Simple but I love the layout.  I think I'm gonna cheat and make a few of these in different colors to build up my stash.
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Thanks for stopping by...Maria Gurnsey


Chris D. said...

Oooh, I love the simplicity of this card! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa H. said...

oh, Maria.....I'm so glad you ARE HERE! I was started to get worried. LOOOOVe your card, love that your mojo hasn't disappeared inspite of all you are dealing with. Love ya, girl!

Allie Gower said...

Very cute, love the kits.

Linda said...

This card lovely. I thinking butterfly is pretty!

Trisha said...

Great card using the Kit of the Month. Love the butterfly. Can't wait to get my February SMAK kit. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com

Natasha G.P. said...

Oh how cute. I never know what to do with frames. Until now.

sharon g said...

Your colors look amazing together. Just yummy.

B. Poteraj said...

Orange is my favorite color, and people don't use it enough. I LOVE this card.